Clay Creations- Wooden Stud
Clay Creations- Wooden Stud

Clay Creations- Wooden Stud

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Sacred Ground collection is inspired by what’s beneath our feet. The grounds you walk ,have stories of it’s own.Be respectful and acknowledge the First Nations people of the lands on which you stand.As many language groups all over Australia are still fighting for land rights.Mother earth is amazing and peaceful be respectful of the country. I’m taken back to my grandmothers country, Gooniyandi country. The clay shines when the sunlight hits, this is a reminder that my ancestors paved the way for me when I walk on my home lands

Each earring is individually tailored. No earring looks the same which is beauty of this earring style and the effect of the clay.


  • Handmade using polymer clay 
  • Surgical steal earring back post 
  • Light wood boarder 
  • 30mm in diameter